Media And Entertainment

Hariani & Co. has for the past several years been at the forefront in the practice area of media and entertainment law in India. The firm's media and entertainment practice encompasses films, television, drama, performing arts, publications, sports, gaming, advertising and public relations. The firm’s clients include several media houses, film distributors, broadcasters, advertising agencies, actors and other artists.

The firm has been involved in negotiating and drafting all kinds of agreements for the film and television industry. The firm also provides a wide spectrum of services to its clients with respect to copyright and trademark laws. Hariani & Co. has advised several clients on protecting and leveraging their intellectual property.

Hariani & Co. is a leading player in the media and entertainment practice area. The firm’s expertise in this practice area includes:

  • Drafting, vetting and negotiating all kinds of agreements for the film and television industry ranging from co-production and film financing agreements to talent agreements, agreements related to live events, satellite broadcasting agreements, internet streaming agreements, endorsement deals, co-branding agreements, distribution agreements etc.
  • Formulating strategies for the acquisition and licensing of various intellectual property rights for clients
  • Providing legal opinions on complex issues relating to broadcasting, licensing, telecommunications, technology and intellectual property
  • Representing clients in proceedings, suits and writ petitions before various courts and commissions in India, including the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, district courts and the Competition Commission of India, and before various Indian authorities, associations and tribunals, to enforce intellectual property rights and agreements
  • Conducting film and television-related arbitrations before various arbitration tribunals and film associations including the Film Writers' Association, the Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programme Producers (now the Indian Film and TV Producers Council (IFTPC)) and the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting registration applications in respect of copyrights and trademarks, including before the trademark and copyright registry in India
  • Conducting due diligence with a specific focus on intellectual property rights, drafting detailed review reports and evaluating the risks, liabilities and opportunities involved for clients with respect to the acquisition and licensing of various intellectual property rights